By encapsulating the upcycled plastic owers within ice and capturing them up close through photography, a unique and thought-provoking statement is made. This artistic endeavor serves to symbolize the fragility and resilience of nature, showcasing the delicate beauty of the owers while emphasizing their sustainable origins. The frozen encasement adds an additional layer of visual intrigue, highlighting the juxtaposition of the ephemeral nature of ice and the everlasting quality of these upcycled creations. Through this creative lens, we are prompted to reect on the environmental impact of our actions and the potential for transformation and rebirth, even within the harshest of conditions.
Rainbow, 2022

Icy, 2022

Flooded with Ice I, 2022

Hey there bubbles, 2022

Blue Poppy Extract, 2022

Straw in a Rainbow Soda, 2022

Flooded with Ice II, 2022

Peppermint Gum, 2022

Buttery looking stamen under ice, 2022

Blue Poppy in Frozen Tears, 2022

Poppy Seed, 2022
Poppy Seed, 2022
Showering in Room Temperature, 2022
Showering in Room Temperature, 2022

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